Friday, September 4, 2015

Izzys Pom Pom

Hello and thanks for stopping by!

I had the best time at the "DFW Its a yarn crawl, Y'all"! I can't wait to share each of my experiences.

But first. A hat. I stopped into the yarn shop with my little guy and he got bored. Yeah, not a surprise. To amuse him I had him go pick out the yarn for a winter hat because winter is coming. I directed him toward the Encore yarn. He went over and to a huge section and chose the brightest and most neon yarn they had...and a matching pre-made pompom. I tried to keep it positive.

1. I won't lose him in the park in this hat.
2. I can probably make this hat in the dark. Literally. I think it has its own light source in there.
3. He chose TWO skeins so I get to make matching mittens!

So, I got to work making him a nice big pom pom hat in two colors (in a low light protect my corneas).

Finished product...

I found the link to the yarn just in case you NEED your own. They sell it at Here is my affiliate link to the yellow and Here is the link to the green! They do not have the pompom but I will do a tutorial soon on how to make hat pompoms.

I am so excited that recently I have had the chance to get the yarn stash organized and accessible enough to start shopping for more yarn. I cannot justify buying yarn that will be stored in bins. I have to see it to be inspired by its softness and color. But now its out! I have taken on several (too many?) crochet-a-longs. I am just loving it! Plus it gives me the opportunity to have more to blog about! Which is awesome because I have really missed it. I don't like blogging on "MelodyCrochet" when I don't at least have a little crochet madness to toss in between the recipes, knitting, family stuff, reviews, etc. I will get a chance to play around with blog gadgets and sharing all aspects of our lives! My goal is to work on my pattern writing my social media. I have never really made a pattern beyond writing it out on the blog and I know that can be hard if someone wants to print it out. I am so lucky to have such a great group following me and sharing with me what they are up to. They are so supportive and encouraging! I want to be that for them, too. So, I would like to get better about blending the social media, too. I use it all but I pick and choose what will go where instead of sharing everything everywhere. Ok! Back to the fun stuff.

I did not receive any money or merchandise to write this but I do use affiliate links in my posts. Thanks for your support.

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