Thursday, September 20, 2012

What I'm Up To...

Happy End of the Summer!

I am in yarn heaven! So happy to be past the super hot part of the summer and I have been yarn shopping. Lots of projects on the hook this week.

I am working on a hat that sold on my Etsy page:

And a hot pink personalized baby blanket for a little girl due in November...I am putting together a fun hot pink package of fun baby stuff. I hoped to make it like my Ava blanket...but her name is alot longer so I may end up cross stitching the babys' name on after I crochet the blanket. I wont know for sure until I get to that point in the blanket. Here is a shot of my Ava blanket.

I am working on some moogle gloves for me.
2 Basic Mens Scarves
Izzy would like to be a dog for I will make him a puppy hat. 
I am working on some Thanksgiving dishcloths
I also have about 3 hat patterns on the way that I am very excited to share!

Its a busy week, here. :)

I did receive some pictures of my Hungry Caterpillar cocoon set in action! 

Could they be ANY cuter?? <3 ahhhh!

Do you have any projects underway? 

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