Thursday, September 27, 2012

Piano Cocoon

This week I was sent a was to make a piano themed baby cocoon. Here is my best attempt! It is super soft, double crochets, mostly with scalloped edges.

I used a rosey-pink yarn from "I Love This Yarn"
White and Black are both Vanna
I hook
The Cocoon is 15" Long, and 20" wide. I like them lose because you can always cinch it in the back with some ribbon for pictures. Getting a baby in a tight cocoon is like trying to put on jeans right after a shower. Inconventient.
The hat is my newborn size 12" wide x 5" deep.
Its pretty basic, but the pattern is coming. :)
Oh! and a quick shot of the back.



  1. Any chance you could post the pattern to this?? thanks!

    1. Its been a bit. Revisiting and writing it out would be alot of fun. I will post and reply to you when I get it finished. Thank you! :D

  2. Have you finished the pattern yet? I love the looks of it! Could you email me at Sure would appreciate it! Thank you. Sharon

  3. I would like your pattern please I have two granddaughters who are musicians who would love this. Thank you. Fran