Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Very Hungry Caterpillar Cocoon

I crocheted a newborn cocoon and hat. I wrote out the free pattern below. But if you want me to make it for you then please come to my etsy shop to this listing.

17" long x 22" wide, The Hat Is 13" around x 5" drop (my newborn size of choice)
K and I hooks required 
Worsted Weight Yarn
 (I used Impeccable Yarn In Kelly Green (A) and Cherry Red, Red Heart Super Saver in Spring Green (B), Corn Meal and Dark Purple, I Love This Yarn in Pistachio (C),

Stitches Used: Half Double Crochet (HDC), Single Crochet (SC), Slip Stitch (SS)

I did not work in the round, I never do on hats. Each row ends in a slip stitch, chain up unless otherwise stated. Ch1 for single crochet, Ch 2 for half double crochet and Ch 3 for double crochet. Unless otherwise stated.

The Cocoon:

Row 1: (Using the K Hook and Yarn A) In a Magic Circle, 9 HDC worked in circle. Cinch closed and slip stitch, chain 2 (9)
Row 2: 2 HDC in each stitch around (18)
Row 3: HDC around and Increase (HDC twice) every 2nd stitch (27)
Row 4: One HDC in each stitch around (27) 
Row 5: HDC around increasing every 3rd stitch (36)
Row 6: HDC around increasing every 4th stitch (45)
Row 7: One HDC in each stitch around (45)
Row 8: HDC around increasing every 5th stitch (54)
Row 9: HDC around increasing every 6th stitch (63)
Rows 10-12:  HDC around (63) 

Fasten off (crochet over ends so that you dont have to weave them all in at the end. Change to yarn B.

Rows 13-16: HDC around (63)
Fasten off, Change to yarn C
Rows 17-20: HDC around (63)
Fasten off, Change to yarn A
Rows 21-24: HDC around (63)
Fasten off, Change to yarn B
Rows 25-28: HDC around (63)
Fasten off, Change to yarn C
Rows 29-32: HDC around (63)
Fasten off, Change to yarn A and to the I Hook, 
Row 33: ch 3, DC around (63)
Row 34: Alternate BPDC, FPDC around (63)
Row 35: Repeat Row 34. 
Fasten off. 


Red Yarn and the K Hook

Row 1: In a Magic Circle, 8 HDC worked in circle. Cinch closed and slip stitch, chain 2 (8)
Row 2: 2 HDC in each stitch (16)
Row 3: HDC around increasing every other stitch (24)
Row 4: HDC around increasing every 3rd stitch (32)
Row 5: HDC around increasing every 4th stitch (40)
Row 6-11: HDC around (40)
Row 12: Slip stitch around (40)
Fasten off

Eyes - Make 2

Using yellow yarn and the I Hook

SC 6 times in a magic circle. Cinch and slip stitch, ch 1 (6)
SC 2 times in each stitch (12), fasten off. 
In any stitch, slip stitch green yarn B onto the circle. Sc around increasing in every other stitch (18)
fasten off, leave a tail about 16 inches long to sew the eyes on. 

Sew these on the front of the hat using the tail, fasten off and weave in ends behind eye. 

The Antennae - Make 2

Using the purple and the I Hook

Chain 10, slip stitch in the 3rd chain from hook and in the next 6 chains. Fasten off, leaving a three inch tail.

I use the two tails and tie these right on the hat, really tight and I tie them about 6 times. (better safe than antenna-less LOL)

I don't write many patterns. Please contact me if you see any flubs! Take care :) and pleeeease send me a pic if you make this. The pics are pretty much why I crochet. LOVE THEM! :D 

Oh...and if you post this please link back here! Make them for yourself, but please do not sell what you make. 

Take care!!!!


  1. Can you help me make it for 6 to 12 month and what does cinch mean x

    1. I'm sorry. I just made the newborn size. You can always try bulky yarn and go up in hook size and see how it works out. Good luck, friend!

  2. I just gave my friend one of these and she LOVED it, as well as everyone else at the shower. My mother saw a picture and asked me to make one for her to give a friend. No problem, I didn't use all the yarn from the first one and it takes almost no time at all. LOVE THIS PATTERN!


    1. Thats so awesome! Do you have pictures?

  3. I made this pattern it is cute and easy BUT it did not make mine 17 inch long or 22 inches wide.. I am not a tight crocheter at all...and my dimensions come out at 15 inch long and 12 inch wide..Using the exact same yarn and Hook size... Not sure why mine come out differently?

    1. I am a relatively relaxed crocheter. Around Christmas I get ALOT of orders and after my second Christmas of achy hands I asked the advice of an older woman that I found in the hook section at the craft store. She was probably around 80. I asked if she used any special hooks or anything and she looked at me like I was crazy and told me to just relax my grip a little. She was so right! With my relaxed grip my crazy Christmas orders don't leave me aching until February. Now if I want a tighter weave I just take the crochet hook size down a bit. Long story short. I crochet kind of loose. For future projects I will try to implement a swatch so we can all make sure that our measurements turn out the same.

  4. I am having trouble understanding row 34 of the cocoon. What am supposed to do and what do BPDC & FPDC stand for

    1. BPDC stands for back post double crochet and FPDC stands for front post double crochet. You crochet around the post of the previous row either from the back or front in these row. When you alternate they form the ribbing that is at the top of the cocoon. There are some great instruction videos on how to do these stitches on youtube. I will make a point of making my own video and post here when I get that done. Thanks for asking! :D

  5. Hi! it's so cute.lovely! I would like to know about..."please do not sell what you make".Do you really mean it?


    1. Oh, very much so. :)

      Thanks for the compliment, though.

  6. Awesome cocoon. I love this cute caterpillar.

  7. Thank you for the pattern! Not sure I can post a picture here but I'll email a picture to you of the cocoon and hat on my new grandson. :)

    1. Couldn't find an email on this page so I posted it on your Facebook!

  8. cant see the hat pattern there is an advertisement blocking it

    1. Really?! Im sorry. I will look into that.

  9. Can you send me an email address so my mom can share her finished product with you?

  10. I'm having an impossible time following your magic circle video. It's hard to see what you're doing and you go too fast. Do you have a different video?

    1. There are heaps of magic circle tutorial videos on YouTube.

  11. Hello, does the first chain two count as a HDC within that row?

    1. No. I find that leaves a little gap. I do my first stitch right in the base of that chain 2 and pretend it doesnt exist at all.

  12. Hello, this is so cute. Do you think Caron Cakes yarn would work. Thank you

    1. Yes and no. I don't think that they have a colorway like this. But, if you find one that has a colorway that you would find acceptable then yes. It would work up really nicely in that weight of yarn. I am making a beach bag out of Caron Cakes right now, actually!

  13. How do you modify this pattern for preemies. Do you just come down a hook size?

  14. Coming down a hook size or two will significantly bring your size down and should work well for making a smaller cocoon.