Saturday, June 30, 2012


We adopted a dog two weeks ago at the local shelter here in Riverside, California. I had taken my husband and the boys several times and we just could not find the right fit for us. We wanted a large dog, but needed someone mellow. I was really leaning toward a girl and older. We just went through the puppy period with our Cheweenie, Hunter, and I did not want to start over from scratch.

We visited the shelter three weekends ago and didn't find our fit. But, something made me drag the boys back the very next day. That is when I saw her. My Pickles.

She is just a doll! Mellow, sweet, snuggly...60lbs of black lab love with a fluffy coat and big brown eyes. They said she was about three years old (a vet visit the next day confirmed her closer to five or six years old, fine by us!). They said she was brought in by someone that claimed her to have just walked up to their door. Maybe. But, she does not have the spirit of a dog that would run away.

The vet said it does not look like she had ever been walked. She was 10lbs overweight and had no wear on her hips at all. She is great on a leash, though! We were given the go ahead to walk (and some antibiotics for kennel cough - poor baby!). In an effort to take the weight off I have been monitoring how much she eats. We divided her portions up into two meals a day so that she can eat with our skinny, Hunter. And the goal is two good walks a day. She loves it...and adores a car ride. Sometimes we can't get her out of the car. It is the only disobedience that we have seen in her so far. She is getting better now that she realizes she will be getting a lot of car rides around here.

This evening we took a little walk in a nearby neighborhood. I snapped some pics! Everyone says she is looking a million times better, healthier, stronger and thinner around the middle ;).

We set out down the block...

Pickles wore her leopard and blue bow this evening. 

 It is so awesome that these are popping up around the city!
Moon popped out while we were walking.

 Mama Duck had a big family this year. 
 More walking. 
 Kissy Break
 Finally the shade! This made Pickles very happy. 
 Happy enough to stop and smell some flowers. 

Time to go home. <3 My baby girl. 

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