Monday, June 25, 2012

Make My Own Laundry Detergent

I love to keep busy and when I found out that I was stuck at home because I sent all of the cards off to work with my husband this morning I felt a little stuck. My to-do list was centered outside of the home. But, it turned into a really nice homebody kind of day!

I made detergent...

I adapted a simple recipe after making Mama Duggars recipe a few times. By adapted I mean that I have pushed the bill making it lazier and lazier each time. I am just waiting for this recipe to fail somehow because of my laziness. But laidback as I have gotten about it the stuff just keeps impressing me with its cleaning abilities and fresh scent. I use the same amount of it as I would any other detergent. I fill it to the line on the cap.

Stock Pot
6 c water
1/4 of a bar of Fels Naptha grated as small as your grater will grate.  (Walmart)
1/2 c of borax (Walmart)
1/2 c Arm & Hammer Washing Soda (I have seen it at some Walmarts...but I have to go to Ace Hardware for mine locally. Fortunately that box has lasted for over a year of making this recipe)
About 3 large empty detergent bottles
Warm Tap Water to fill up the bottles after you have added your detergent concentrate.

Put the water in the pot, turn on the heat medium/high. Add the grated soap. Stir until the soap is dissolved. Let it come almost to a boil. Turn off the heat. Add the borax and the washing soda to the pot and stir until it is mixed.

I then add it to my bottles using a glass measuring cup.

Top off the bottles with warm water straight from the tap. Replace the cap and give it a little shake to mix. Ready to use!

Some tips I have learned along the way...

1) I keep my bar of Fels Naptha out of the bag and package...the more dried out the get the easier it is to grate.

2) Saving money is great...but we use this because it is the best detergent I have found on my husbands CRAZY dirty work clothes. It doesn't get them back to perfect, but its the best they have come out.

3) I don't let it cure. And my detergent can be lumpy. But, the lumps have never given me an issue. But, *whines* the curing took over a day.

4) Give the detergent a little shake before you add it to your washer.

5) Some people use a bucket. I found it messy and the ladel kept slipping to the bottom of the bucket. Lots of dripping. I really love having my old detergent bottles to refill with this recipe. It makes ALOT.

6) We have the largest washer and at full capacity I still just use a cap full like I would regular detergent. Works fine.

7) We love the smell of this stuff! Without anything added. Felz Naptha is very pleasant and clean smelling. Not flowery, manly, musky, springy...just nice and clean.

8) If you are looking for a laundry booster for tougher than average load...just adding some Borax is a GREAT idea.

Ninja Kitty approves of the detergent 100%. She has been asleep on this sheet in the breeze of the window all afternoon.

Then I painted! I am loving reteaching my hands how to paint! I like to find word art I love on Pinterest and copying it. Its a great way to retrain and resteady my hand! Naptime Fun!

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