Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I made this purple rhinestone adorned bow holder for my dog (who gets to be the daughter I never had). She looks so pretty in the bows and flowers I am making her! 

I used the typical unfinished door hanger that you can find in any craftstore. I painted it a special mix of purple and white acrylic patin. I used rhinestone letter stickers I had from making my "Crunk Cup" last year. Then I decorated it with glitter glue and more rhinestone stickers. For the hanging ribbons I took account that I will not be hanging anything too heavy and took advantage of that to save time. I used chiffon sheer 3/4" ribbon, cut two 2 foot lengths and just glued it on the back of the holder with plain craft glue. If it needed to be stronger I would have hot glue'd it. :)

Still have some bows in the making...I need to attach the alligator clips that I just bought. 

I got the idea for the fabric flower in a book that I won online! I was so excited and will be reviewing it very soon once I complete a few more projects. It is called "Mend It Better"

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