Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Favorites - Summer Excursions

Well...its Friday. I am not sure how this happened. I am really excited about the weekend being just a few hours away. It feels like I lost this week. Just so much "busy work" in ending a semester of homeschooling. Lots of tests, lots of meetings and organizing. As I get my grades together to turn in there is always something that I find we forgot to finish up. Its showing in the kids attitude. Its showing in mine. So, I at this point I just keep taking deep breaths and repeating "Thursday will come and this will all be a memory".

Next Thursday is our final Finals for 9th grade. The first year homeschooling has been amazing.

When you send your kids to school it feels like summer is more work. If your a working mom you have to figure out where your kids will go and how to best use their time so their brands don't turn to spaghetti by fall. If your a stay at home mom you realize just how many times they are going to look to you to avoid the worst POSSIBLE thing happening. Boredom. Fate worse than death to kids.

But, now I home-school and for the first time since the end of my own 11th grade year...summer means VACATION! I am excited! I am planning what I want to do with the boys and where I want to take them and what we should see and how often...and how to save the most money doing it.

At this point it looks like Tuesday will be "beach day" and Thursday will be "field trip day".

Some places Id like to go are my Friday Favorites! I have 12 weeks.

Raging Waters in San Dimas, CA (there are three of them)

Knotts Berry Farm Its close and I always have a coupon available to me. The $70 annual pass is becoming more and more appealing. Its just a great place where we can all enjoy ourselves. Rides, food, things to walk around and see.
File:Knotts Gate.jpg

Universal Studios

Soak City

The San Diego Zoo/Balboa Park  So much to see and do...we make a weekend of it.

The San Diego Fair I have never been to this one! Out of the World...sounds like a fun theme.

The Orange County Fair: I wish I could go see Willy Nelson or Journey. (brace yourself for whining) I literally have NO sitters. Like. No babysitters. Its a bummer but this too shall pass. I have had one datenight in the last year and a half. *sigh* Investing time in our marriage means sending the kids to their room and pretending not to hear them whine while we hold hands on the couch. But really...we're OK with it. We just laugh and tell ourselves to enjoy our kids because we will miss this someday. And we do enjoy the heck out of them. The OC Fair is a blast with the kids. The farm and barn area alone are incredible. The exhibits are always fun. The educational area is educational and interesting for us, too. It is always a great day. I considered shelling out the $35 for month long season "Super Pass" and taking the kids several times. But I will be doing the first day "freebie" and then going back with my husband on "Goodwill donation" night. I love the Goodwill and try to donate to it whenever possible. Five items each gets an adult in on August 1 from 12-4. Here is a list of their other discounts and promos.

The LA County Fair: Aug 31-Sept 30. I go the first day when it is $1 from 10-1. Great stuff for school age kids to do divided by age can be found here. The fair is an amazing place. Deep-Fried everything, rides that come apart and would probably give me nightmares if I knew how little they were maintained, parking lots from hell. But, LOVE them. I never miss a fair. Shopping, people watching, exhibits. Just makes summer feel like summer to me.

The LA County Fair: I like to go twice. The second time is for grown up fun at the Wine and Spirits Marketplace that Ralphs grocery store puts on every year at the fair. Its

The Sawdust Art Festival: June 29-Sept 2 Its in Laguna and looks amazing. We love art. And Laguna is just a laidback, pretty place to be when the sun is going down. Good food, gorgeous beach...sounds like a great day!

Irvine Park Coupons! They have a zoo, a lake, a museum, a reptile exhibit, horseback riding. Just a Blast!
Irvine Park Railroad Train Irvine Regional Park Orange County

Aquarium of the Pacific: I have amazing memories of this place. It opened when my oldest was about two years old and we didn't live far away. My MOMS Club went there often. Everytime I go there I picture Errol running around so excited to see all of the fish. Then having lunch with friends outside of the aquarium and looking at the boats.

It is going to be a great summer!!!

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