Tuesday, June 5, 2012

At the Mall

Today we went to the mall to get some power-walking done. I hit an impressive number of steps and had gone over my daily 10K by 2 o'clock!

Here are some things I ran across that were just too cute! I always snap pics when I go to walk and not to shop. That way I don't fret too much.

I love coral and teal...I will need this color combination to show up on me in the near future!

This was so cute at Nordstrom...its a plain cotton stretch camisole with a chiffon scarf connect at the straps. I wonder if I could make something like this for myself?

Love this bright cheery bedding set at Macys...but mostly love the "Live Laugh Love" pillow. I see some applique in my future.         

The mall is so full of inspiration! And frozen yogurt for lunch!!!!! mmm...chocolate with coffee flavors.

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